The Benefits of Hiring a Knoxville DUI Attorney

If you've been accused of driving while intoxicated, you need all the legal help you can get to confront the charge. Usually, a Knoxville DUI lawyer can be handy as you try to resolve accusations that can have serious ramifications, including prison time, penalties, and a permanent dent on your record. The right lawyer can be instrumental in directing the course your DUI charges take in many ways such as explained below. Check out to get started.

A major benefit of a DUI attorney is that they have a firm grasp of the pertinent legal rules as well as state and local court procedures that accompany any DUI prosecution. A lawyer whose specialty is DUI defense understands the latest DUI laws and technology. They're in a great position to identify any aspects of your case that may be exploited to result in a less severe sentence or acquittal. Equally important, a DUI lawyer understands the substantive law that applies to your specific case. They know where to look for any exonerating evidence.

Another advantage of engaging a DUI lawyer is their knowledge of all local options open to the defendant. Contrary to what many DUI defendants might think, your case does not revolve around taking a plea bargain or proceeding to trial. There are numerous local options that depend on your specific county.

For example, there are DUI programs offered to persons convicted of DUI offenses in certain counties. When a convict agrees to participate in such a program, which may also include drug and alcohol counseling, their sentence may be reduced. To take advantage of such provisions, you need an attorney who boasts plenty of local experience dealing with DUI cases or even negotiating with the prosecution.

Equally beneficial, a DUI attorney has worked with local players in DUI cases, from the judge to the local officer. They know what aspects of due process to look into to ensure that the public officials involved handled your case as required by law. Otherwise, the lawyer might be able to determine that some defendant's rights were violated or any other discovery that can weaken the case. A good professional working relationship between your attorney and the other team is also helpful.

So, don't make the mistake of confronting DUI charges on your own. There can be very dire consequences if convicted, some of which may be irreversible. Just let a Knoxville DUI lawyer represent you in a court of law.